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Earrings with Mineral Stones S120-4A

Earrings with Mineral Stones S120-4A
Earrings with Mineral Stones S120-4A

Mineral stones come from the bowels of the earth and are said to heal and soothe the passions of the soul. Thanks to their physicochemical composition, each mineral stone emits a specific vibration, acting on the vital centers of the body and manages to harmonize energy instabilities. Some therapists claim that they can heal mental wounds by touching them to the human body, while others believe that with the electromagnetic force emitted by the crystals they can energize us and strengthen our thinking from a distance.

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations used the energy of mineral stones to offer spiritual, mental and consequently physical healing, "unblocking" the energy in the human body, helping it to flow freely.

Today Dimitrios Exclusive presents the Jasmine collection, transmitting this positive energy through its jewelry. Elegant earrings give your everyday life not only confidence but also style.

  • Model: S120-4A
  • Weight: 5.50g
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.80cm x 0.00cm
Ex Tax: 101.00€
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