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Brand Protection


DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products are globally known and, like many other global brands, we are facing the challenge of counterfeiters attempting to violate our trade mark, our products and our identity. Selling counterfeit products is prohibited by law. However, counterfeiters continually attempt to take advantage of the DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE trade mark and benefit from our fame and worldwide success. Therefore, we protect our intellectual property rights by all available means, including comprehensive global surveillance, registration and control programmes, so that you can remain confident that DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE product you have bought is authentic and consistent with our high quality standards. We take serious action locally, as well as internationally, to stop counterfeiting of our products, and we strongly believe that our efforts will decrease the amount of infringers attempting to mislead you into believing that you are buying authentic DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry

The impact of Counterfeiting

When purchasing imitations of branded products, people directly or indirectly contribute to undermining responsible practices in the jewelry industry: Sellers of fake and illegal products rarely follow the standards and laws that legitimate companies respect, such as laws protecting the rights of workers.

We assume that

·  Counterfeiters don’t not pay taxes, duties or customs fees according to the applicablelaws.

·  Counterfeiters don’t manufacture their products in accordance with laws protecting public health and safety, such as laws prohibiting the use of toxic and other harmful substances.

·  Illegitimate traders rarely offer customer service and after sales services. By purchasing jewelry from an authorized DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE dealer, your purchase is protected by our warranty policy, and you can benefit from our customer support services in many countries around the world.

·  Find out how you can recognize an original DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE product, how to locate an authorized DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE retailer or how to report DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE brand and product violations.


Purchase your DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry from authorized retailers.

You can purchase DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products from authorized retailers around the world. By purchasing DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products from one of these retailers, you can be assured of their authenticity. Use the store locator application to find your nearest DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE retailer.

DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE on eBay and other websites.

DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE does not authorize any of our retailers to sell DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry on any web sites, and we can only guarantee the authenticity of products purchased through our authorized DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE retailers. While anyone can sell DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE items from his own personal collection, these items are not covered by warranty and purchasing DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products from Internet auction websites is at your own risk.


DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE provides wide variety of hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from genuine materials, primarily 925 silver with precious & semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, glass and Swarovski gemstones. Although we make every possible effort to ensure that our jewelry is easily identifiable through key markings, it may be difficult for you as a consumer to tell the difference among DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products and copies, because copies might carry similar identifiers.

While the presence of these key markings does not guarantee authenticity, looking for those is one of the first steps you can take to ensure that the products you purchase are in fact authentic DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products.

Check manufacturer’s markings to identify the origin of the jewelry

A maker’s mark is a US term for a stamp indicating the origin of jewelry. The maker’s mark on DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry is “DIMITRIOS” or “ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ”, which stands for DIMITRIOS KAPSASKIS, who is the father of DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE founder. You will always see “DIMITRIOS” or “ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ” stamped on our jewelry, except on some of our smallest pieces. ΩΧ87 is the code of our factory where genuine jewelry is manufactured.

Check the quality mark to ascertain the purity of the metal

The term quality mark is the standard term in the US and the equivalent of hallmark in the UK. At DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE, we stamp our jewelry with quality marks to indicate the metal’s purity and to guarantee that the metal is genuine. All our silver jewelry is stamped for silver, followed by the purity stated as pure silver content in parts per thousand: 925 (92.5% pure silver). The quality marks on DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry manufactured before September 2012 contain only numbers without any letters.


DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE will continue to fight those who attempt to abuse our name and brand in order to sell counterfeit/imitation products and deceive our customers, and our brand protection team maintains the highest standards of brand protection. But we also need your help. As a consumer, you are an extremely valuable means of defense in our efforts to protect the DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE brand, and we ask for your help with identifying and reporting sellers of fake DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products.

If you discover auction sites, websites, bazaars, retail shops or adverts in magazines, leaflets or newspapers appearing to be selling counterfeit DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE products, please report the link and details in English to our brand protection team at: Thank you, we appreciate your help in protecting the DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE brand and products.     

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