In 1990, Dimitrios Kapsaskis, a passionate art collector, founds the first family jewelry workshop, in Athens, Greece.

The brand name Dimitrios comes to life.
With dedicated high-skilled goldsmiths, they craft by hand gold and silver jewelry, inspired by a glorious Hellenic jewelry tradition of over 2500 years, from Minoan times to Alexander the Great and Byzantium. 

Rich, labor intensive designs and intricate patterns, finely elaborated to the minuscule detail, forge Dimitrios jewelry identity and establish an iconic creative language, easily recognizable on all collections.

 In 2008, Dimitrios’ sons, Giorgos and Vasilis, join the company and propel the growth of the brand on a retail and creative level respectively.

Giorgos leads the commercial development, increasing brand awareness beyond the borders and Vasilis gives to the collections a fresh tricolor expression, while sourcing rare materials from all over the world.

The brand is renamed to Dimitrios Exclusive.

In 2019, the brand sets sail overseas, following its success in obtaining JCK Jeweler’s Best Design award.