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Silver gold wedding rings D127A

Silver gold wedding rings D127A
Silver gold wedding rings D127A

The wedding ring symbolizes the union, love and respect between two people who promise to last a lifetime, and its shape signifies something endless, something without beginning, middle and end. It all started in Ancient Egypt where they improvised rings made of reeds and weeds to honor their husband and wife and their eternal love. They wore it on the left hand, on the fourth finger because they thought that the vein that goes directly to the heart passes through it, naming it Vena Amoris.

The wedding ring is a ring that is always worn by the androgyne to remind them of the union of their heart and their love. Dimitrios Exclusive Wedding ring collection comes with a series of wedding rings like this one with intricate designs to seal their special day with signature Dimitrios Exclusive.

  • Model: D127A
  • Weight: 3.40g
Ex Tax: 144.00€

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