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Ring with Pearl and Zircon D28

Ring with Pearl and Zircon D28
Ring with Pearl and Zircon D28

Pearls are created from pearl oysters in an attempt to eliminate a grain of sand or coral from their body, depositing layers of pearl. Margarine is a substance that secretes the shell and thus its creation takes place. This substance is the pearl that contains components of calcium carbonate and a small amount of organic substance called concholine. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word "marble" which means shine.

The Cleopatra Dimitrios Exclusive collection is brilliant with the ring occupying a prominent place in it. Ring with gold-plated wreath, zircon and the main gem of our collection is the pearl.

  • Model: D28
  • Weight: 11.00g
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 1.40cm x 0.00cm
Ex Tax: 234.00€

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