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Woman with jewelry
Woman with jewelry
Man with jewelry
We celebrate 200 years of Greek independence
We are curators of a glorious tradition of 5000 years of Hellenic jewelry.
Using earth’s precious material, gold, silver and gems, we handcraft forms of timeless beauty.
Our vision is to design authentic, stunning, story-telling pieces that link past, present and future.
Woman with jewelry
Woman with jewelry


Byzantium meets the bold geometries of ,
Art Deco, enamel blends with filigree, while
strikingly unusual gemstones heighten the
sense of magnificence .


Anax, the “King of Kings”, the Warrior, the
Wise Leader, the Protector,
the Disruptor; the Man in his mature masculinity. Crosses,
amulets and emblems telling the story of
Man through time.
Man with jewelry
Man with jewelry
Woman with jewelry
Woman with jewelry


The most loved and most honored designs by our loyal customers-ambassadors around the world. Pieces with a vivid Hellenic identity, a hint of modernity and abundance of color.


Nearly 30 years of Red carpet jewelry creations compose this collection. Opulent, intensively hand crafted designs and heirloom pieces that exalt human imagination and amplify your uniqueness.
Woman with jewelry
Woman with jewelry

Dimitrios Exclusive Collection

In 1990, Dimitrios Kapsaskis, a passionate art collector, founds the first family jewelry workshop, in Athens, Greece. The brand name Dimitrios comes to life. With dedicated high-skilled goldsmiths, they craft by hand gold and silver jewelry, inspired by a glorious Hellenic jewelry tradition of over 2500 years, from Minoan times to Alexander the Great and Byzantium.
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